What my clients have said

<span>, Albany, NY</span>
"Joyce, words cannot express how grateful I am for your gift.  Within ONE week of our InnerSpeak Healing phone session, my life completely turned around.  You predicted that I would go through tremendous changes very soon.  You explained that at first, it will be devastating, but I must remain strong and focused.  Although I lost my job, it was necessary in order to force me out of the debilitating, stagnant professional situation that I was in.  As soon as I lost the job, within one week another opportunity arose.  This opportunity is helping me gain more essential knowledge that will put me at a professional edge and is giving me exposure to some possible lucrative opportunities.  Had I remained in the previous job, this would have never happened.  In additoin to these changes, immediately following our session, my wonderful boyfriend came into my life.  I have never had anyone love me more (besides my daughter) and treat me so well.  I am so blessed and I thank you from the bottom of my heart."
- Juliette, Albany, NY
<span>, Denver, CO</span>
"Awesome! Hands on massage that will definitely melt away the stresses of life. The pressure was perfect and the setting relaxing. I’ve been lucky to also get a Reading and Reiki from Joyce which was very enlightening and enjoyable. Thank you!"
- Wendy, Denver, CO
<span>, Pleasant Prairie, WI</span>
"I have to tell you how truly amazing you are.  We spoke on the phone several states away from each other for our inner speak session and I cannot believe the immediate results I received.  I have had shoulder and arm problems for years and just attributed it to competitive sports I played for 20 years.  During the session, primarily the elbow meridian, I immediately felt my arm stop tingling and aching.  I actually felt no pain at volleyball that night and was able to work out that arm after several weeks of being in so much pain I could not.  Apparently someone was trying to tell me something and finally I listened.  Your sessions truly work as my life has really turned around for the better.  Thanks again!"
- Jill, Pleasant Prairie, WI
<span>, Cummings, GA</span>
"A quick note to thank you so much for our InnerSpeak session!!! I am feeling a shift and I am feeling like a new person. So grateful!!!"
- Caroline, Cummings, GA
<span>, Portland, OR</span>
"Since my InnerSpeak healing sessions with you….things are SO lifting!  I feel AMAZING! Thank  you!  The light is ON baby!  I am ready to conquer!  Stronger than ever!  When can I See you again?"
- Ashley, Portland, OR
<span>, Castle Rock, CO</span>
"After receiving multiple massage sessions from varied schools and private masseuses I was ecstatic when I found Joyce. Her years of experience will be quite evident the first time she works on you. She has a knowledge of different techniques that are perfect for whatever your preferences are. She is very professional and has a helpful healing energy that is very soothing. I would recommend her to anyone in need of a skillful massage therapist.”"
- Bart, Castle Rock, CO
<span>, Ashville, NC</span>
"My reading with Joyce was amazing.  She was extremely accurate and knew things that I never told her. Joyce helped me get closure on a lot of things and helped my heart start the healing process.  Not only was her reading completely accurate but she is very personable and makes you feel comfortable throughout the whole experience.  I was nervous when we first started but as soon as the session began, my nerves went away.  Thank you Joyce, for helping me gain the closure I was looking for and pushing my heart to begin the healing process!  You are spectacular!!"
- Jenna, Ashville, NC
<span>, Castle Rock, CO</span>
"Working with Joyce has prepared me for the many changes that have taken place in my life. With the current shifts taking place energetically as we near 2013, Joyce has been able to guide me with truth, confidence and love. She has supported my inner transformation and growth and has been able to shine light on areas of my life that were currently in the dark. My few sessions with Joyce have allowed me to rise above negativity and be successful during these unpredictable times. Joyce has become a true confidant and source of light for me."
- Ashley, Castle Rock, CO
<span>, Green Cove Springs, FL</span>
"I feel so much better after our InnerSpeak phone Session! I spent all day yesterday rearranging my house, moving furniture, steam cleaned carpets, hung  curtains and pictures to make it feel more cozy and inviting and it has really helped to change the energy in my house. I also don’t feel as angry or frustrated. ……..and I set new boundaries with my family.  Thank you! "
- Marilyn, Green Cove Springs, FL