Energy Vampires

Energy Vampires. This topic repeatedly needs to be addressed. Energy Vampires are people who attach to you on an energetic level and siphon the energy off of you. Many are not aware of what they are doing, and the ones that do, are more dangerous. Trust me……I have met some of the nicest black holes out there.

We’ve all been victims of emotional vampires. They’re the people who make us feel depressed, angry, defensive, or depleted after we’ve been with them. They’re all around us, and wear many disguises.

You’ll know when you come in contact with an emotional vampire, because instead of feeling positive, energized, and happy after you’ve spent time together, you feel wiped out. These people are not healthy to be around.

They could be a clingy parent, friend, client, siblings, child, a bully coworker, or bossy neighbor. etc.

They may appear as a victim, where the world is against them. So they constantly dump on you.

The controller may know what is best for you and how you should live your life.

The narcissist will constantly interrupt you and it’s all about ME ME ME.

The criticizer will constantly tell you what you are doing wrong. They will judge and belittle you.

The ‘best friend’ or lover who constantly sends you text messages all day and all night with every random thought that goes through their mind. Or look at this pretty picture of a tree. Constantly checking in on you, cause ‘that’s what friends and lovers do” they say. When you tell them you need space, they honor it for a short time, then dig their claws into you at the first opportunity that they have contact with you. They don’t respect you.

You know you are in the presence of a vampire when you feel drained being around them, talking to them and especially after you separate from them. Feelings of anger, dread or sadness if you anticipate their call or text.

Also victims of emotional vampires sometimes develop unhealthy behaviors and symptoms, such as overeating, isolating, mood swings, or feeling fatigued, when they’ve been in prolonged contact with these energy drainers. Sometimes, we can’t avoid them.

I don’t like to use the word victim…..but it is easy for others to understand. Become the victor and take control of your life and remove these people from your life. If you can’t, set strong energetic boundaries, avoid getting involved in conversations with them, limit your time with them. If they can’t feed off of you, then will find someone else to siphon off of. Use the block feature of your phone. Don’t respond to their calls or text messages.

Sending you many love hugs my peeps!

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